My Julep Maven box arrived!

31 May


Hey Frugalista’s!

I know I have been slacking on the blog but I moved and all this stuff. So I received my first Julep Maven box and it was exciting. If y’all remembered I got the 1st box for 1 penny. In my previous blog I have the code and information how you can get yours for 1 penny as well. The packaging is very pretty it is black and pink. I received 3 nail polishes I love all the colors not so crazy about the sparkly purple because I don’t really like sparkle polishes. However for 1 penny how can I even complain. I tried the blue polish and  I loved it, it lasted long it started chipping on the 4th day. The pink polish looked like a hot pink but when i put it on it came out to be like a darker pink.  Julep Maven polishes are good it takes 3-4 days to start chipping and you need 2 coats of polish. I would compare it to Sally Hansen brands in terms of quality. The bottles are very cute and posh! Overall I say try it you only have a penny to lose.



The colors I received  were baby blue, pink and sparkly purple. Also came with two toe separators.


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