06 Jul


Hey Frugalista’s!

I have a great find that I love! So I have been experimenting trying to find new make up brushes. I came across this brand called Ecotools. They are a earth friendly company, they use natural materials and are 100% cruelty free. I bought the 5 piece Bamboo Brush set, it came with 1 Mineral powder brush, 1 concealer brush, 1 eye shading brush, 1 baby kabuki and comes in a cosmetic bag made out of hemp and cotton. This set is like a travel set but also great for everyday usage. I love how smooth the brushes are they are very plush! The handles of the brushes are made out of bamboo. I use the baby Kabuki to put my blush on and its perfect. I cannot stand rough make up brushes and these are really soft and non irritating. I saw this set in Walmart for $16.98, However, being the frugal diva I am I got mine for $5.61 on Ebay. That’s right! $5.61 lol I made out great! I checked the packaging and everything it is not a knock off. I recommend you try this especially if you want to carry brushes on a trip or in your purse for mid day touch ups. Check out Ebay and get yourself a great deal. Ecotools also has a website I will post below if you want to research it! Enjoy your day Divas! Don’t forget if you have any great finds or freebies please share in the comments 😀


This is the Ecotools 5pc brush set at Walmart! $16.97


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