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Happy New Year Frugalista’s!

I wish you all the best for 2013 plenty of cheer and happiness. I received my December Glossybox a few days ago. This month’s box was special because Glossybox teamed up with LouLou. For those that do not know LouLou is a trendy fashion magazine loaded with tips and fashion trends. One thing I love is that the box was silver this month!

First thing that was on top was the Glossy Mag, this month’s edition was more high fashion. Also, they highlighted a special vlogger and blogger this month which is pretty cool. The Glossy Mag was full of high fashion trends.

On this month’s Glossybox card LouLou gave tips for each product which was super cute. I will post each LouLou tip for the products listed.

On first glance this month’s box was packed! First Item was the Jergens Natural Glow lotion. I got the medium to tan type, which is not for my skin but its just lotion so it works. This was a full size product, 150ml retails for $8.99. This lotion smells so good it’s a light sweet scent. The lotion offers a natural glow with the benefits of a tan without the sun and odors.

LouLou Tip: Apply this moisturizer at bedtime for a beautiful, natural looking glow the next morning.

Aveeno Ultra-Calming Daily Moisturizer SPF 30
this is a full size product! This retails for $22.99 and is 75ml. Aveeno Ultra-Calming moisturizer calms and soothes irritation due to dry skin. Aveeno has a great line of products and this moisturizer is great. The value of this moisturizer covers the cost of entire Glossybox.

LouLou Tip: Mix a drop of this moisturizer with your favorite liquid foundation for a luminous complexion.

Revlon Nail Polish this is a full size product the 15ml bottle retails for $5.99. I received a translucent nude pink, it is a great shade for French manicures. It gives a very polished natural look on nails. The card states that it delivers a smooth and chip resistant color.

LouLou Tip: Nail art is all the rage right now! Get creative by painting each nail a different color or adding contrast at the tips.

GlossyBox Lashes this is a full size product, retailing for $12.50 a pair. False lashes have been a big trend of 2012 and seem to be for 2013 as well. Lashes can dramatically change your look. These lashes are quite luxurious and dramatic I cannot wait to try these. Even though I have never worn lashes it gives me a chance to try something new and have fun with it. I wish they would have included the adhesive for these lashes. This is exclusive to Glossybox of course since it is their brand. I have enjoyed the Glossy brand products over the months.

LouLou Tip: Dress up your gaze with false lashes! Simply run a bit of glue along the edge, press them at the base of your natural fringe to set them, and voila!

Tresemme Fresh Start Volumizing Dry Shampoo this is a deluxe sample size at 56g value approximately $2.50. It is a perfect travel or purse size. I have never tried dry shampoo because I need oils in my hair and I am natural. It seems like an interesting product I will pass on to a friend. The card states it can transform limp hair into health looking full bodied hair when you skip a shampoo.

LouLou Tip: Mist some on to give your do a little sexy bedhead texture.

Avon Liquid Eye Shadow this item is full size and the retail value is unknown. I am going to approximate $3.99 based on Avon’s price marks. I got a gold shade with some gold shimmer notes. This product was a bit strange it had Arabic writing and other languages on it. I am guessing it may have come from a different country. It seems interesting due to the fact I have never tried liquid eye shadow.

LouLou Tip: The number one make-up rule is always pick one feature to emphasize (eyes or lips) and keep the rest simple.

Tresemme Split Remedy Sachet
this was a sample packet one side was shampoo and the other side was conditioner. The approximate value for this sample packet is $1. I have used this product previously and I love it! It makes your hair soft and smells great. The Glossy card states it binds up to 80% of split ends, creating healthy-looking, smooth and polished styles. I am all about healthy hair this is great product to try.

LouLou Tip: Let your hair soak in this conditioner’s benefits by leaving it on for a few minutes before rinsing.

Nobia Jewelry Collection this is clearly a full size item. I received a pair of blue stone fashion stud earrings. It has a silver rim around the blue stone. Cute pair of earrings for a casual and under stated look. The value of this item is unknown I am going to approximate $5. Also there were 50 golden tickets in boxes this month which received a statement necklace from Nobia in addition to other items. Pretty cool!

In this month’s Glossybox there were 8 items! That is the most we have received from Glossybox thus far. I think that is amazing, for $21 a month getting 5-6 products or more is a steal. This December box is valued at $62.96, possibly more depending on the value of the earrings. Glossybox is a great way to try new products at a low cost. If you are interested in joining Glossybox use code GLOSSY41 to save 10% off your first box. Pass on the savings! Glossybox has gift subscriptions and you can try it out for just one month. It is one of the best beauty box subscriptions out because of the range of products and the size of the products. Well frugalista’s get saving and get beautiful!
GLOSSY41 takes 10% off your first box


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Hey Frugalista’s

I was introduced to a program by the name of Buzz Agent a few months ago. It is a company which selects people based on their social buzz. They have a point system and that is how they choose people to send products to for review. This program is great! I joined a few months ago and I have been buzzing around town lol! I got chosen for the Burt’s Bee’s Intense Hydration Kit. I was so excited! I love getting free products more importantly quality products.


Burt’s Bee’s is known for quality products and for being natural.  I was sent the Night cream and the cream cleanser, let me tell you they are generous. I fell in love with the night cream on the first use. It is super creamy and luxurious, in the winter I suffer from dry skin and I get dark blotches on my face. A week after using the night cream my blotches went away and my skin felt quenched with moisture.


The cream cleanser is great too it is creamy and non-drying. Both products have a nice light scent. I am switching to this night cream permanently. I have been using the same facial moisturizer for years but this intense night cream has be sold. It is more pricey than my regular moisturizer but I feel it is worth it. The cleanser in the picture is valued at $12.99 and the night cream is $29.99. I have to say if you like natural products, suffer from dry skin and want to try something new. The Burt’s Bee’s Intense Hydration line is for you particularly the night cream. I love the night cream! Well Fruggies if you like how Buzz Agent sounds join and you may be chosen to receive free items for your opinion and for you to buzz about. Take care 🙂


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Hey Frugalista’s

I have listed some freebies and places to sign up to get free things I hope you enjoy! Also leave me a comment letting me know which ones you joined 🙂 If you liked the video like it!

1. Coterie is an high end online Make-up store. Click the link to get your free cosmetics!

Click here to get $10-$20 credit after you create a quick account. You will have a credit and it lasts for 2months. The credit is located in the account tab 🙂

2. (CANADA ONLY) Join for free products from healthcare , personal care and beauty samples and coupons mailed directly to your home for free

3. (US ONlLY) Join to get free beauty, healthcare and personal care products mailed to your home for free.

4. Sample Source( CANADA & USA)
Join for free packages mailed to your home full of beauty, personal, health and food products and coupons for free items. You choose the items you want based on what is available.

5. Please like and subscribe to my blog and youtube channel if you like this video

I hope yall enjoyed my video go out there and get those freebies 😀


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L.A. Colors Eye shadow Dollar Tree find


Hey Frugalista’s

So on my recent trip to Dollar Tree I spotted L.A. Colors neutral eye shadow palette in Cafe au Lait. I’m a sucker for neutral eye-shadows and it was only $1 so I decided to try it. This had 6 pretty warm shades, so when I got home I had to try it. I must say it is not well pigmented and barely shows the color. The gold shade shows ok and the white one shows good. I would have to say ladies save your $1 and buy a iced coffee at Mc Donalds. It’s pretty but not worth it and not pigmented.

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Maybelline BB Cream Review & Comparison To My Regular Iman Foundation Routine

Hey Frugalista’s

I wanted to see what all the rave was about BB creams. I decided to try Maybelline since it was the most talked about. I got the Deep tint shade. CVS had a BOGO 50% off so I bought the Maybelline BB Cream for $8.99 and got Maybelline Falsies mascara for half price at $4. Overall I like the BB cream and would recommend it. It felt like a lotion and it provided light coverage. I have dry skin and it provided moisture and did not make my face dry. I say go and try it!


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Hey Frugalista’s!

I have a great find that I love! So I have been experimenting trying to find new make up brushes. I came across this brand called Ecotools. They are a earth friendly company, they use natural materials and are 100% cruelty free. I bought the 5 piece Bamboo Brush set, it came with 1 Mineral powder brush, 1 concealer brush, 1 eye shading brush, 1 baby kabuki and comes in a cosmetic bag made out of hemp and cotton. This set is like a travel set but also great for everyday usage. I love how smooth the brushes are they are very plush! The handles of the brushes are made out of bamboo. I use the baby Kabuki to put my blush on and its perfect. I cannot stand rough make up brushes and these are really soft and non irritating. I saw this set in Walmart for $16.98, However, being the frugal diva I am I got mine for $5.61 on Ebay. That’s right! $5.61 lol I made out great! I checked the packaging and everything it is not a knock off. I recommend you try this especially if you want to carry brushes on a trip or in your purse for mid day touch ups. Check out Ebay and get yourself a great deal. Ecotools also has a website I will post below if you want to research it! Enjoy your day Divas! Don’t forget if you have any great finds or freebies please share in the comments 😀


This is the Ecotools 5pc brush set at Walmart! $16.97


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